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What Is Shatter? The Dangers and Side Effects

Shatter is a new illegal drug hitting the streets at speed in the United States.

What is shatter? It’s the street name of one of the latest, more potent forms of cannabis or marijuana concentrate, better known as Butane Hash Oil or BHO.

It’s called BHO because it utilizes liquid gas called butane to remove terpenes and cannabinoids from marijuana plant matter. That produces an incredibly potent concentrate or hash oil that gives you a much greater effect when you want to get stoned.

As with most new drugs on the scene, shatter is rapidly gaining popularity, particularly in areas where marijuana has been legalized. Young people, drawn to the color, mood-altering influence, and ritual of breaking the brittle substance before smoking, have indeed been intrigued by it.

Here is a straightforward overview of its dangers and side effects, including an in-depth look at shatter and how dangerous it is.

Shatter Definition: What Is Shatter?

Some people call shatter the “crack of marijuana.” While this analogy may or may not be precise, people have recently expressed genuine concerns about its existence on the streets and in schools.

Shatter marijuana is also known as BHO. It is a hash oil concentrate produced by the use of butane solvent to derive high THC levels from the marijuana plant.

What Does Shatter Look Like?

Shatter refers directly to a finished product that looks like a slab of toffee or maple syrup chip. Some types are comparable to wax or honey. That is why the names budder or honey oil are used on the streets.

Cannabis concentrates are usually labeled depending on their color and texture. Shatter is an orangy color and derives its name from a transparent glass-like surface that “shatters” as it’s split to be used.

How Is Shatter Made?

Contrary to common opinion, shatter’s transparency does not imply its purity but is instead the outcome of how it is made.

The process of producing shatter is relatively simple. It entails soaking marijuana buds and trimming them with liquid butane to separate the trichomes from the plant. The resultant mixture is then extracted and heated to eliminate as much butane as possible.

The removed mixture is then left to rest and stabilize to form a thin layer of extract. The finished product resembles a honeycomb-like glass sheet.

How Do You Use Shatter?

The substance is used by taking a small quantity of shatter, putting it on a hot surface, and then inhaling the smoke. Shatter drug merchandise is similar to crack pipes. But, you can also use vaporizer pens or add them to marijuana food products.

What Is The Difference Between Shatter and Wax?

There is no major difference except for appearance. However, there are some subtle differences:

  • Shatter is more complicated to produce
  • Shatter lasts longer and is more stable
  • Wax is normally easier to manage, weigh, and use due to its consistency

Like shatter, wax is a BHO concentrate that has the texture of coconut oil and looks like ear wax. Like shatter, wax begins as an amber liquid resulting from butane removal.